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Transparent Charging Station wins Dutch Design Award

Eindhoven, June 28th 2018

We are extremely proud to announce that the PANELED HTR HTR HTR PARKA PARKA CAPER CAPER PANELED CAPER PARKA PANELED PANELED PARKA 7p7zwqC won a Dutch Design Award in the category product. This prize is an important boost for our mission to explore the blueprints of fair and inclusive products.

We would also like to congratulate ElaadNL and Alliander, our clients and collaborators in this complex and urgent project. We are looking forward to renewing our collaboration and implementing this project in our cities.

Read more about the Dutch Design Awards

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When technology is an enabler of human progress, but that progress is not distribured equally, we need to rethink our ways. As a design studio we dedicate ourselves to explore and develop the blueprints for fair and inclusive ventures, products and services. If you share our mission, reach out and shape the future with us.
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Materials 100% Rayon


Transparent Charging Station wins Dutch Design Award

Some of our clients and partners include

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A sample of our work
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What is the future of the wood craftsman?

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Transparent Charging Station: Who's in charge?

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Fairbike: the decentralized alternative for bike sharing.

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recent activity

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Transparent Charging Station at Primer Conference, San Fransisco May 2018

Marcel will be sharing the story of and key learnings from the Transparent Charging Station project at Primer Conference in San Fransisco. This conference, organized by Speculative Now, is about speculative and critical design.
International Leisure winter Moda Moda International Leisure Coat winter Leisure Coat 47pfan7Read more about the event
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The Incredible Machine goes to Boston! January 2018

As of January, The Incredible Machine will operate from both ends of the Atlantic. Marcel will temporarily relocate to the Boston area and explore opportunities for collaboration with US partners. In July, Marcel will be back in Rotterdam.
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ThingsCon Amsterdam is ON! December 2017

Our yearly highlight is ThingsCon. The conference about ethics, design, and technology. As partner and co-organiser, we are proud to see that over 300 people from across the world made their way to the Volkshotel to engage in two days of collaboration and inspiration.
See the recap

Transparent Charging Station revealed in Eindhoven September 2017

Eindhoven’s mayor John Jorritsma today formally unveiled a prototype of a transparent charging station during the annual Smart City Conference. The transparent charging station is a response to the growing importance of algorithms in our daily lives, making visible their invisible logic using a display that shows how the electricity is allocated between the cars being charged.
Read more about our project.

LEGO House is open! August 2017

This fall, LEGO House opened its doors to the public. Four years after we joined this incredible project, we can finally show the world what we have been secretly working on. We were invited for the partner opening in August. To some of us, it was the first time we could see everything coming together - and it looked amazing.
Read more about our project.
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Talk on IoT Design Manifesto at Path Festival, Sao Paolo talk, May 2017

The Dutch consulate invited The Incredible Machine to talk about their work at the Path Festival in Sao Paolo Brasil. Harm gave a lecture about ethical dilemmas in the realm of connected products.