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Nathaniel Friedman,  September 5

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The high-formalist branding of Nike’s Kaepernick campaign

The Baffler
Boutique Boutique Kasper winter Blazer winter wZ6FvC and a columnist at GQ. He published two books about the NBA as a member of the FreeDarko group.  

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Matthew Ismael Ruiz

A DIY music scene in the Philippines sets itself against Rodrigo Duterte.

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The Nostalgia Trap

The Nostalgia Trap podcast, hosted by David Parsons and produced by Peter Sabatino, features weekly conversations about history. . .

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The ways of the heart can be mysterious, but heartbreak itself can be downright unfathomable.

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With an act of self-disclosure, Max Bemis of Say Anything has placed himself at the cultural margins—without assuming the risk or vulnerability of the marginalized.

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If organizing across collars is going to work, it will need to overcome a deeper, more fundamental rift . . .

 August 20

The 2008 financial meltdown, the Tea Party, and unlearned lessons.

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