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Here are some useful tips to help you work out how much you have available to spend. The Account balance, Available balance and Today's balance can be found on the 'Account summary' page in your Online Banking.

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'Today's balance' shows how much money you have in your account at the start of the business day.

Boutique winter Blazer Boutique Claiborne Liz winter The 'Available' balance tells you how much you can spend today. 'Available' is a more accurate reflection of how much you can spend at that time. It will include pending payments such as debit card (POS) transactions but will exclude recent contactless card payments. Any agreed overdraft you have with us will be included.

The Account balance will show your balance on that day after all your transactions have come off.

Example: If you have £350 in your account with a £100 overdraft, the 'Balance' column and 'Today's balance' would be £350 and the 'Available' column would be £450.

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My balance at the weekend

Your balance might not be what you were expecting over the weekend and bank holidays.

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Changes to when payments go into and come out of your account(s) at the weekend

Payments into your account at the weekend (like your salary, pension or other regular income)

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Any payments due into your account on a Monday will only be available to you from the Monday and not the Saturday as before

Payments out of your account at the weekend (like Direct Debits and Standing Orders)

Any payments due out of your account on a Monday will leave your account on the Monday, meaning this money will be still available to you over the weekend.

A credit / debit card example

Blazer Liz Boutique winter Boutique Claiborne winter If you now buy items for £50 on your credit / debit card in a shop, the 'Available' column will now show as £400. 'Today's balance' will reduce to £300 once the retailer has claimed the £50 and the transaction has been processed. The difference of £100 is your agreed overdraft limit.

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Contactless payments work slightly differently as they don't show immediately in your Available balance.


An uncleared cheque example

If you have just paid in a cheque for £50 the 'Available' column will stay as £450 until the money has cleared. 'Today's balance' will show as £400 on the next working day.

When the cheque has cleared, 'Today's balance' will still show as £400, and the 'Available' column will increase to £500. The difference of £100 is your agreed overdraft limit.

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